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We strive for client wealth creation, enduring client relationships and direct partner involvement.  

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A history of excellence

The firm has grown with its clients and has a client base of approximately 1200 entities and individuals across South Africa covering various industry sectors. 

Our size and accessibility ensure that you are not just a number on our books. We strive to provide individualised services and solutions tailored to your specific needs and direct contact with our partners and staff. 

At Philip Miller & Co., we build lasting relationships with our clients, adding value and anticipating needs with knowledge of their business and ongoing communication. All our clients are highly valued by our practice and are afforded our utmost attention, as well as access to a motivated team. 

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"We acknowledge our limitations and are committed to continuous learning and open dialogue to explore and research potential solutions for contentious issues."

Our commitment to excellence

Being a professional means having an attitude of lifelong learning. The knowledge needed to function effectively as professional auditors and accountants in public practice continues to expand rapidly. Therefore, continuing the development of our professional competence by enhancing our knowledge and skills ensure that we deliver the best possible services to our stakeholders and protect the CA(SA) designation. 

Auditors and Accountants Founder

Krause van der Walt | Partner

SAICA 00247961/ IRBA 584177 Ph.D. (CA)SA (1976)

Krause qualified as a CA(SA) in 1976. He completed his articles with Hoek, Wiehahn and Cross, which was later integrated into Price Waterhouse Coopers. Krause worked as an accountant for an international insurance company and later moved to a global construction company.  

 After having a successful practice in Heilbron for ten years, he joined the Philip Miller team as a partner in 1992. Throughout his career, he has maintained his involvement with organisations such as the local council of SAICA, the National Committee for Small & Medium Practitioners of SAICA, the Chairman of the North-West University Tender Committee, Junior Chamber of Commerce and various other chambers of commerce.

Geraldine Smuts | Partner

SAICA 08184011/ IRBA 837558 M.Com (CA)SA (2010)

Geraldine obtained her B.Com Accountancy degree Cum Laude in 2003 and B.Com Hons in 2004 at the North-West University: Potchefstroom. She started working as an accounting graduate in the Internal Audit Department of Anglo Platinum in 2005 as part of their bursary program. In 2008, she joined Philip Miller & Co. to complete her articles and training, during which time she successfully obtained her M.Com in Forensic Accountancy and qualified as CA(SA). 

After leaving Philip Miller in 2010 to expand her working exposure in the business environment, she rejoined the firm as a partner in July 2012.

Geraldine Smuts | Partner Auditors and Accountants Philip Miller & Co
Geraldine Smuts | Partner Auditors and Accountants Philip Miller & Co

Hannes Marais | Partner

SAICA 30676035/ IRBA 499712 B.Com (Hons) (CA)SA (2018)

Hannes Marais obtained his B.Com Accountancy degree at the North West University: Potchefstroom in 2013 and B.Com Hons at the same institution in 2014. He completed his articles and training at Philip Miller and Co. in 2017.

 In 2019, he became a partner in our associated secretarial practice, “Isidore Miller & Associates”. Hannes qualified for accreditation with the IRBA in 2023 after completing the required Audit Development Program and subsequently joined the Philip Miller team as audit partner in the same year.

Excellence Through Experience

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