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Our services

At Philip Miller & Co., you are not just a number on our books. We strive to provide individualised services and solutions tailored to your specific needs, as well as providing direct contact with our partners and staff.

Our services

Audits and accounting at its finest

At Philip Miller & Co., we believe that auditing and accounting services are not just about crunching numbers; they’re about driving growth, building trust, and fostering financial well-being.

With us, you can be confident that your financial matters are in the hands of experts dedicated to delivering the services and solutions your business needs.

Philip Miller & Co. is a trusted provider of statutory audit and independent review services, ensuring businesses' financial statements are thoroughly examined for compliance and accuracy, instilling stakeholder confidence. 


Assurance and limited assurance engagements of: 

  • Companies and Close Corporations  
  • Body Corporates, Sectional Title Schemes and Homeowners' Associations 
  • Legal Practitioners, incl. Attorney Trust Accounts 
  • Property Practitioners incl. Estate Agent Trust Accounts 
  • Schools 
  • Non-profit Organisations 

At Philip Miller & Co., we specialise in conducting rigorous special-purpose audits, delivering precise and tailored financial assessments to meet our clients' unique needs and objectives. 


  • Agreed-upon Procedures 
  • Due Diligence Reviews 
  • Internal Control Evaluations 
  • Compliance Audits 
  • Internal Audits 

Philip Miller & Co. offers compassionate and efficient deceased estate administration services, guiding families through the complexities of settling estates and ensuring a smooth and respectful process during a challenging time. 

Philip Miller & Co. excels in providing meticulous accounting and bookkeeping services, ensuring accurate financial records, and helping clients make informed decisions for their businesses. 


  • Bookkeeping (monthly and ad hoc) 
  • Preparation of Management Accounts 
  • Management Reporting 
  • Financial Statement Compilations (IFRS and IFRS for SMEs) 

For Philip Miller & Co., business advisory and secretarial services offer clients strategic guidance, compliance assistance, and administrative support to enhance their overall business performance and regulatory compliance. 


  • Company Registrations 
  • Business Plans  
  • Payroll Administration and Support 
  • Share Transfers and Company Registers 
  • Amendments to Companies and Close Corporations 
  • Annual Returns 
  • Beneficial Ownership Registers 
  • UIF and Workmen's Compensation Registrations and Returns 

Our tax services are designed to help you navigate the complexities of tax regulations, minimise your tax liabilities, and ensure compliance with SARS, providing peace of mind and financial efficiency. 


  • SARS Registrations for Income Tax, VAT and PAYE 
  • Returns Submissions for Income Tax, VAT, PAYE, Donations Tax and Dividend Tax 
  • Objections and Dispute Resolution 
  • SARS Tax Penalties and Interest – Assistance with Reduction or Waiving 
  • SARS Audits 
  • Tax Planning 
  • Tax Clearances: Good Standing, Tenders and Foreign Investments 

Trusts play a pivotal role in estate and financial planning, allowing Philip Miller & Co. to assist clients in efficiently managing assets and ensuring the proper administration of funds for the benefit of beneficiaries. 


  • Trust Registrations 
  • Amendments to Trusts 
  • Beneficial Ownership Registers 
  • Independent Trustees 

Our expatriate tax services offer comprehensive support for individuals living and working abroad, addressing the unique tax challenges and opportunities of international relocation. 


  • Income Tax Returns – "Expat tax" on foreign income 
  • Financial Emigration – Termination of tax residency with SARS 
  • Emigration Tax Clearance 

Our fees

Let's talk fees

Our fees are based on the amount of time spent and the experience of the partners and staff concerned. Our chargeable hours are recorded on a computerised time recording system at rates not higher than those recommended by our professional bodies. It is our aim to keep fees as low as possible, without affecting the quality of the service provided.

Please note that fees quoted are estimates only, based on our expectations of growth and expansion of the entity and its related entities and the anticipated technicality of the services requested.

Please feel free to discuss your immediate fee expectations and we will be prepared to discuss this with you so that we can agree a mutually acceptable way of meeting expectations. We do not wish fees to become an impediment to our appointment as it is important to us that you feel that you are getting value for your money and that our fees are fair.

Excellence Through Experience

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