Since 1950

And still

going strong...

Why us?

We are always willing to provide assistance and help at a moment’s notice, where practical.

Due to our size and accessibility you are not just a number on our books and we will strive to provide individualized services and solutions tailored to your specific needs, as well as providing unlimited direct contact with our partners and staff.

We accept that we do not always know everything and therefore we are willing to learn and discuss issues to find acceptable alternatives through effective discussions and research of contentious items.

At Philip Miller we strive to build a relationship with our clients through knowledge of their business and ongoing communication in order to be in the best position to add value and anticipate needs. All our clients are highly valued by our practice and are afforded our utmost attention, as well as access to a motivated audit team.

The knowledge needed to function effectively as professional accountants and auditors in public practice, commerce, education, the public sector or any other environment continues to expand and change at a rapid rate. Therefore continuing the development of our professional competence by enhancing our knowledge and skills ensures that we deliver the best possible service to our stakeholders and protect the CA (SA) designation. Being a professional means having an attitude of lifelong learning. In this context, as SAICA & IRBA member, we are assuredly aware of our obligation to develop and maintain our professional competence and we have in all aspects adhered to the minimum Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements required by the various professional bodies.